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We create and execute winning PPC, paid and organic social media strategies for ambitious B2B brands.

The company we keep:

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At Victress Digital, we’re devoted to helping B2B brands win online. As a team of passionate PPC and social media specialists, we work hard to develop thoughtful marketing strategies that help your business bloom. For us, it’s about delivering real results when they matter most. And doing so with the kind of refreshing honesty that means you don’t just think, but know, you’re doing the right thing. We like it better that way, and think you will too.

Brands we've helped blossom

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We’ve helped dozens of brands, big and small, thrive through social media and PPC.

From helping a SaaS brand break their SQL target to helping a pharmaceutical brand land seven-figure contracts – we put results at the heart of everything we do.

£128,091.64+ in ad spend responsibly managed every single month

Kellogg's - B2B Client
Assembla Code Management Software - B2B SaaS Social Media Client
Nottingham Trent University - B2B Client
Derby Institute - B2B Client
Belvoir Fruit Farms - Social Media Client
Datam Sales Platform - B2B SaaS Social Media Client
Skeleton - B2B Client
Good News Channel - Social media client

Why the bold partner with Victress

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(and why you should, too)

As a small team, we’re perched perfectly between the attentive touch of a freelancer and the execution of a large agency. We designed the team that way, and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

Small but mighty

25 years combined experience in successfully managing social media strategy and PPC campaigns.

Relentlessly results focused

We build social media strategies and PPC campaigns that help you win. Plain and simple.

Meticulously thoughtful & considered

We obsess over every detail to ensure the strategy, concept and timing are all aligned with your goals. We take the time to understand and to educate with our social media training & PPC training sessions.

Unapologetically honest

Transparency and honesty are the cornerstones of a successful partnership, and we put them on a pedestal at Victress.

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How we help you win

Thoughtfully mapped out digital marketing strategies from day dot.

Victress Digital Strategy Led Social Media

Strategy-led social media

Attempting to do social without a social media strategy is like driving blindfolded. You might get somewhere, but you probably won’t arrive at your destination. Whether you want to build a community, discover new audiences or generate new leads. From social media management to social media advertising  – we’ll build a roadmap to help you get there, fast.

The power of PPC marketing

There’s plenty of ways to win without social media, too. By leveraging the power of search engines like Google and Microsoft, we’ll build a PPC strategy that drives traffic to the right place. Helping you find new audiences and customers with creative, conversion-focused campaigns.

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Kind words from happy clients

PPC & Social Media to strive for

More leads? More brand awareness? Help reaching your target audience? Whether you know what you need or need a hand working things out – let’s talk about your digital marketing strategy.