5 Frightening PPC Fails

ppc fails

With the spooky season upon us, we wanted to share 5 frightening PPC fails to keep you up all night!

1. Negative Keywords in PPC Campaigns

Adding a wrong negative keyword can slash relevant site traffic dramatically.

Such a simple mistake but such grave consequences. Keep a close eye on notifications of ‘Keyword Conflicts’ to ensure you aren’t negating relevant searches.

negative keywords ppc slasher
Slashing traffic and conversion, one wrong negative keyword at a time.

2. No End Dates On Webinar Ads

Don’t forget to set an end date for a one time webinar ad

Even worse, your boss notices your PPC ads were still live before you did! Always set an end date when you don’t want an ad or ad extension to be running indefinitely, it saves you having to remember to pause content.

3. Losing Conversion Tracking

If there’s been amends to the website, it’s very easy for conversion tracking to drop completely.

Where your conversions once were is now just an empty black pit of darkness and despair. Keep up communications with your web developers to ensure you are kept in the loop with all major website changes and updates. 

conversion tracking for ppc campaigns
Spot your conversion tracking.

4. Spending Too Long on 'Average' PPC Ads

Shock, horror. Google has decided that your headlines and descriptions aren’t unique enough. Try including truly unique features of your business into your ad copy, such as years experience, awards and certifications and product range size. 

5. Accidentally Accepting a Recommendation

The ultimate boogie monster, the ridiculous Google Ads Recommendation. Firstly try not to panic, it’s not the end of the world. Open up Google Ads editor for the previous version of your account and verse the change. And next time, keep your fingers far away from the ‘Apply’ button. 

ppc budgets
Where are you going to find an extra £24,289.89 this month?

Speak to Victress About PPC

PPC doesn’t have to be scary! But if your accounts are giving you more sleepless nights than treat filled days, then get in touch. We’d be happy to help. Take a look at our blog on why you may be missing out by not using Microsoft Advertising too for your business.




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