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AI content is everywhere. When it was first introduced in late 2022, ChatGPT quickly gained momentum, forcing people to rethink their strategy. For those who may have escaped the hype, ChatGPT is basically a platform that generates content based on your input that likes to think it’s smarter than it actually is. 

AI isn’t anything new, just like 3D glasses, virtual reality, QR codes or electric vehicles. All had been around for a long time before having a rebirth. It’s also important to note that just like AI, all of the above examples were also questioned or feared. Is advanced technology coming for your job? That’s the question that people have been repeatedly asking themselves. So let’s answer it.

Is AI Generated Content Any Good?

It can be. You may have guessed that I’m a little cynical. It’s not that I don’t embrace it, it’s simply that it’s still learning and more time goes into fact verification than what it would to actually research and write the content yourself. Human error is common but it can be unavoidable. If you’re not fact checking then it’s still human error and not the fault of AI. Just like those who may use Wikipedia as a verified resource for their dissertation (
please don’t do that). 

My interest has actually peaked in other forms of artificial created content. Bing Image Creator has become my new favourite tool, and I can’t get enough of it. You can ask for really obscure image suggestions and it’ll create them and they’re really good. Example below…

Bing Create - AI Generated Image - Potato Dressed as a Cat

What is ChatGPT?

With my concerns put aside, I have tried to embrace ChatGPT a little more, especially after my recent visit to BrightonSEO and how it dominated nearly every other talk.

So I allowed ChatGPT to answer ‘What is ChatGPT?’

ChatGPT - What is ChatGPT AI Answer


In true ChatGPT fashion, it waffled a bit and tried to show off so I asked it to ‘Simplify that’.

ChatGPT - AI Simplify Answer


It tried. To give ChatGPT credit, it did note that it may give incorrect or strange answers. My conclusion: ChatGPT can be useful as an aid and even more so for creative input if you’ve hit a roadblock. I applaud ChatGPT and I do love technology but I guess I’m also a bit hesitant and believe that the rise of the machines is still a possibility (Terminator 2 is to blame for this).

Should We Be Using AI Generated Content?


So, let’s ask ChatGPT again.

It waffled. Again.

It did provide me with a summary though.

Benefits of AI Generated Content

I guess I’d agree with that statement. I think that with all the recent changes and trends, it’s safe to say that yes, we should use AI content. The issue lies more with authenticity and author accreditation, how will Google recognise non-human content? Can it be better than human generated content? Can it be creative and have similar inputs and thought processes?

The answer is no but it is scary to think that people are already convinced by AI. Take this for example, having two cats of our own, me and my partner are big cat enthusiasts and spend far more time then we’d care to admit watching cat videos. He excitedly showed me some images of a rare breed of cat; a cat/salamander hybrid, Félis Salamandra. This species was stunning, it was pretty realistic but here lies the issue – it was too stunning to be believable. Yet, people were still tricked into thinking that this Catamander was chilling in rainforests without being detected for years.

AI Generated Image - Félis Salamandra Wild Cat


The Natural World is an incredible place but it’s slightly worrying that an image can have people fooled. We’ll start to recognise more AI generated content but if it’s that convincing what else could it get away with?

Will AI Take Our Jobs?


Simple answer, no.

It will aid our jobs if used correctly but you don’t need to worry. It may be close to creating something magical but it won’t be able to replicate the human emotion that can be conveyed in content.

ChatGPT didn’t give me an exact answer, but it kind of disagreed with me a little. 

AI Replacing Jobs

When starting this blog. I turned to ChatGPT to help me with my research. I needed a good SEO friendly title. So I asked ChatGPT for some AI related keywords along with search volume, I then asked for where this data came from. I then asked for AI related search queries with search volume and it got confused. So I simplified it and it gave me a few suggestions:

AI Related Keywords - ChatGPT
AI Related Search Queries - ChatGPT


I then turned to Ahrefs to see if any of these were actually worth using.

Ahrefs AI Keyword Search Volume


None really had any search volume. So I turned to ‘AI content’ and looked for examples to use. ‘What is AI?’ had a search volume of 4.7K but was also hard to rank for. I opted for ‘Let’s talk about AI Content’. It was midground and enabled me to expand on other AI related questions.

Yay or Nay to AI?


I’d say yay to AI content. It’s fun, it’s a trend, it may even be a bit of a fad. I do believe it’s here to stay though and over the next few years we’ll see more developments to make AI more trustworthy. 

Now for the big question, did ChatGPT actually write this blog? It didn’t. It’s a bit too mundane and sarcastic to be AI generated. I think…

Speak to our team at Victress to hear more about both human-generated and AI-generated content and ultimately how we can enhance your marketing efforts.

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