5 Alternative PPC Platforms to Try in 2024

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There’s a whole world of PPC platforms outside of the usual suspects (Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and Meta Ads), just waiting for advertisers to jump on board and try their offering!

Expanding your PPC strategy into other platforms is a great way to broaden your reach and diversify your messaging. By reaching your target audience outside of the usual placements and with different ad formats and/or messaging, you might be able to get them over the line and on to your website to convert.

At Victress, we’ve tried and tested many different PPC platforms over the years, but here are our top 5 which we recommend testing in 2024. 

1. Capterra

Capterra is an online marketplace which offers both a free and PPC listing option for software brands.

Alternative PPC Platforms Showing Capterra, a PPC platform for software brands on a dark blue background
Above: The Capterra homepage

The main benefit of running a PPC listing is that you can bid for the premium placements in the directory, the same way you would bid for a higher placement in a Search result. Through a PPC listing you can also include multiple links in your profile, access activity reporting and have the option to have a lead gen landing page created for your use.

As Capterra was built to help businesses choose the right software for their needs, users have a strong intent to convert. As such, we have seen a higher than average lead to sales rate for leads generated through Capterra when compared to Google Ads.

2. G2

Another one for the SaaS brands out there is G2.

G2 is the largest online software marketplace in the world, and like Capterra, offers both a free and paid listing option. Where G2 excels is its customer reviews features, enabling advertisers to quickly and easily demonstrate that they are a trusted provider. 

G2 offers a variety of paid listings options, with the costs and feature depending on your needs:

3. Reddit

Reddit is a forum platform which hosts sub-forums and communities, and has over 500 million monthly active users.

One of the biggest advantages of the platform is that advertisers can reach a highly engaged and relevant audience. This is because users are actively engaging with topics and discussions which are of interest to them, in communities and sub-forums on every topic imaginable. This allows advertisers to better reach their ideal audience by focusing their campaign targeting and utilising ad formats including text ads, image ads, video ads, front page takeovers and conversation placements.  

Promoted Huel Ad for Reddit
Above: A image ad for Huel within a Reddit feed

4. Quora

Quora is a Q&A website where users share knowledge and advice within a wide range of topics. Like Reddit, due to the nature of it being a highly engaged and active audience, advertisers can benefit from the level of interest and attention users show on the platform.

Quora Ads also offer a range of different ad types including text ads, image ads and promoted answers, which allows advertisers to have their ad featured next to relevant questions. Being able to have your ad shown next to specific questions which are relevant to your product or service, is a fantastic way to get influence consideration. 

5. YouTube

Whilst it’s no secret that YouTube is an absolute powerhouse with its dominance only growing as the years pass by, many advertisers are still yet to tip their toes into advertising on the platform. Yet through Google Ads, advertisers can quickly and easily run YouTube campaigns and start utilising new ad formats including skippable, non skippable and bumper ads. 

Example of a video campaign in Google Ads
Above: Video campaigns are created and managed through the Google Ads platform

The biggest barrier to entry for most advertisers is creating the videos themselves, with many not having the resources to produce professionally created assets. However as more brands start to incorporate UGC (User Generated Content) into their marketing strategy, and with shoppers being 2.5x more likely to judge UGC as authentic and trustworthy (Nosto, 2021), now is a great time for advertisers to start creating ‘down to earth’ video campaigns.

Talk to Victress About Your PPC Needs

There are plenty of PPC platforms out there for you to explore in order to diversify your 2023 strategy. However, if you are unsure on where to start, or need help with optimising these platforms then contact us to see which platform may be best for your business. 

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