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Quora Advertising

You might have seen Quora appearing in your search results, you may even already be using it to find answers to your burning questions, but did you know that you can use Quora Ads to advertise your business?

What is Quora?

Launched in 2010, Quora is a user content generated question and answer website. Users can ask questions on any topic they wish, as well as provide answers as information to questions posed by other users. The site has seen great success over recent years, and has become a popular online community. It’s pages also appear heavily in organic search results, due to the powerful ranking Q&A format. 

Google search result for dog looking at me when eating - Quora AdsExample of a Quora answer appearing in an organic search result.

What is Quora Ads?

Quora Ads is Quoras self-serve advertising platform. It facilitates any advertiser to promote their business on the knowledge sharing website, and with over 300 million monthly users, it is clear to see why advertisers are flocking to use the platform as part of their Paid Media strategy.

The platform itself allows for 4 different targeting options:

  • Behavioural Targeting – Targeting options are based on how a user has behaved on Quora. For example their interests and keyword and question history.
  • Contextual Targeting – Keywords, topics and specific question targeting

  • Audience Targeting – Targeting options based on those who have previously visited your website. This includes the ability to build customer match lists and ‘Lookalike’ audiences.

  • Broad Targeting – For maximum impressions, this option is designed to target the widest possible audience on the Quora platform.

Quora Ads also permits text-based ads, native ads, promoted answers and lead generation forms, providing advertisers with a range of different formats to promote their business through. Of particular interest is the promoted answers option which is unique to the Quora platform. This gives advertisers great control over where their ads are placed, and with thorough research can give an effective balance between ad impressions and placement relevancy.

Why should I advertise on Quora?

The most significant benefit of Quora is it’s users’ high intent. What this means is that users of Quora are actively searching for information and advice about particular topics. So if your business falls within this topic, then you have a fantastic opportunity to reach out to an individual who is more likely to engage with your ads. Quora for business has huge potential.

For example, if an individual is looking for advice on the best UK based hair products for curly hair, then you could run an ad sponsoring that question promoting your Curly Hair Care range. 

This is particularly beneficial for businesses which have a niche target audience, and therefore require tight targeting options. In these instances advertisers should be focusing on the quality of the audience their ads are reaching, not quantity of impressions. Therefore through careful contextual targeting, an advertiser can set up their campaigns to ensure they are being seen by individuals engaging in content related to their niche product or service.

Are Quora Ads Worth it?

Before you even start to think about creating campaigns for your business, take some time to get familiar with Quora. Unlike other advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook, Quora is likely to be a website which you have little experience with as a user. Therefore it’s important to take the time to get to understand how the site works, how topics and categories are broken down and get a feel for the community style nature of the site. 

Once you’ve got a handle of the platform as a user, start to explore how your business fits into the picture. Identify topics and top questions which are relevant to your product or service, which will make it easier when it comes to implementing targeting during campaign creation. As with any advertising platform, always keep your target audience and user intent in mind during this research stage. 

Finally, once you’re ready to start building out your first campaign head to the Quora for Business website and take a browse through their extensive resource collection. From their step to step guide on how to create a campaign to their guidance on best practice for writing ad copy, the Quora for Business site is full of useful information. This is a great resource to refer back to as you work your way through the initial campaign creation process, and where to find the best solution to challenges you may come across. Whilst the create a campaign process is simple and user friendly, we can all benefit from some supporting resources as we start on a new platform. 

Quora is on track to remain a fierce competitor for other user generated content sites, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, for years to come. And with the ever increasing saturation of advertisers on more popular platforms such as Google and Facebook, now is a great time to get your foot in the door with Quora Ads.

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