5 Reasons Businesses Should Be Using Pinterest

pinterest for business

Wedding planning, interior inspiration, recipes for the perfect hummus. 

If you’re not a regular user of Pinterest, this could very well be an accurate description of what to expect from the social channel. The image sharing platform has been around probably longer than you think, for the past eleven years users have been seeking visual appeal. 

The thing is it’s a social channel that often gets overlooked when it comes to businesses. Granted, it isn’t for every industry but it’s actually a bit of a goldmine when it comes to achieving objectives in your marketing strategy. 

Here’s a rundown of how to get the most out of the platform. 

1. Pinterest Trends

It’s a common mistake that many businesses make when it comes to content on social media. You presume that you know what your audience wants to see and most of the time, they won’t engage. That’s why using trends is perfect when it comes to content ideas. 


Pinterest’s Trends tool enables you to see what people are actually searching for and engaging with. There’s no guessing games here! If you get ahead, especially if what you’re posting is seasonal, you’ll always benefit from engagement. For example, if you’re an interiors retailer and you see that ‘bedroom inspiration’ is trending around Autumn then tap into that! Pin any related blogs and products to drive that traffic to your site.

2. Inspire Without Expire

A true advantage of posting on Pinterest that many businesses may not know about is the longevity of a pin. 

The lifespan of a tweet or a post is merely minutes, if you fail to generate any engagement your post will die a tragic death rather quickly. There’s no coming back from it. 

That’s the magic of a pin. Of course, you’ll still want your pin to be engaging and to link to somewhere of relevance on your site but your pin will live far longer. Even after six months, pins can still receive engagement and not only that, be a top referrer of traffic to your site. Once again, especially if your pin is seasonal! It is actually one of the biggest referrers of driving traffic to your site. Shockingly, pins are almost three times more likely to convert leads than other social channels.


Advertising can work but honestly, don’t underestimate the organic potential! If you have a striking image, descriptive content and a call to action – you’re on the right track. The trick is to have a strong landing page with clear call to actions and you can without a doubt, use Pinterest as a conversion generator.

3. Pinterest Catalogues For Businesses

Pinterest allows you to integrate with your website to directly pull products into a Pinterest Catalogue. Integrating your product feed is not only a benefit of creating more pins automatically but will give you more exposure when it comes to people discovering your brand. 

As this feed is pulled in real time, your new products will always be showcased. Be sure to edit any pins that may need more descriptive additions to gain more engagement. 

4. Straight To The Source

 Find out what your audience is really interested in, not just from trends but from your own pins.

Look at your analytics and see what your users are engaging with. ‘Idea Pins’ are the new iteration of ‘Stories’ and give you the opportunity to upload several pins to present guides or steps. If used correctly, you’ll reach more people. Using text overlay enables users to search and discover your idea pins more easily. It’s an SEO friendly tool that really accelerates Pinterest over other social platforms. 

Pins are more likely to be seen, shared, saved and generate traffic to your site if you do your research and understand what people are searching for. 

The Potential of Pinterest

The potential is huge and personally, it’s a social platform that is seriously overlooked. Over the years, we’ve seen more traffic and conversions organically from Pinterest than we have from many other preferable platforms. Don’t dismiss it or see it as ‘another social platform to maintain’, it could actually be more beneficial than using Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Speak to us on how to develop a Pinterest strategy and start reaping the benefits.

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