5 Ways To Use Twitter For Business

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Using Twitter for business is one of the best ways to get brand awareness and recognition. It’s fast-paced and can be very political, yet what people tend to overlook is the incredible impact it can have on brand recognition. 

Consumers love interacting with brands these days and social media makes it easy. In fact, the average twitter user actually follows five businesses and 80% of all users have mentioned a brand in a tweet. 

Unfortunately, Twitter can be difficult to navigate at times. The average lifespan of a tweet is only about 18 minutes and it can be tricky to get noticed, but we have some hints and tips that can make the process a bit easier. 

1. Find Your Voice

Before you get stuck in with Twitter for business, it’s crucial to create your brand. Have a think about how you’d like your business to come across on social media. We find it valuable to think of your brand as a person; what kind of personality should it have? How would it look overall? What kind of voice would you want it to have? It’s time to brainstorm.

A consistent voice is an important element of creating a brand. Every tweet you publish should embody this voice, showing that everything is coming from the same company. Consistency is key! Twitter for business doesn’t have to be one note. Do you see your brand as youthful and fun? You might want to use emojis and an informal tone in your tweets. 

Reinforce your brand with consistent colours, logos and imagery. It’s so important to use the same brand imagery across all of your marketing efforts, whether that be your website, social media or traditional media. This will really help to create a strong brand image and get your voice out there. In fact, a consistent brand image increases revenue by an average of 33%, making it a very worthwhile endeavor.

2. Network! Go Forth & Build Some Relationships

One of the most wonderful things about using Twitter for business is the sense of community. It’s honestly a fantastic place to network and build relationships, which can be incredibly beneficial for business. Amazingly, 64% of consumers want brands to make the effort to connect with them and social media is making that easier than ever. Interact with your customers! 

When it comes to small businesses in particular, Twitter can be a fantastic place to make friends with like-minded people and form relationships that benefit both parties. It’s a great platform to share content from other creators and this can help you and your business. By building relationships via Twitter for business, you can create a network of support where you share content from your connections and have them share yours. Take advantage of each other’s followings and access a whole new audience.

3. Get Involved In Hashtags, Groups & Shares

Twitter is jam-packed full of opportunities to get your business out there, whether that be in the form of a hashtag, art share or interaction group chat. 

Imagine you’re a small business that specialises in gorgeous, handmade artwork. How would you go about sharing your creations most effectively? You could take part in the weekend hashtag “#UKGiftAM” to access a wider audience, or get involved in the well-loved art share phenomenon of replying to tweets looking for new artists to follow. You could even join an interaction group chat with like-minded people in the industry and hype up each other’s content. There’s a wide array of options, you just need to keep an eye out for them and take every opportunity that comes your way.

4. Don’t Forget To Be Visual

Twitter loves images. Purely text-based tweets don’t tend to perform as well as those with images or videos. In fact, tweets with images typically get 89% more likes than those without, and are 94% more likely to be retweeted. It really does pay to use images.

It’s up to you what these visual elements look like but take a second to look back at our first tip, “Find Your Voice”. Keep that in mind when creating your images. What colours suit your brand image? What can you create that will appeal to your audience and keep in line with your branding? Here at Victress, we personally love Canva when it comes to making visual content for social media. Try your hand at making some branded templates to slot images into. 

5. It’s Totally Okay To Repurpose Content

It won’t come as a surprise to hear that Twitter is very fast-moving. Due to the nature of the platform and the volume of tweets, there’s a good chance that your followers will miss some of your tweets. This is why it’s very sensible to repurpose and repost your content. Take a tweet you shared a few weeks ago and share it again! Pop a new image on it and hit publish again. A few weeks down a line, take that same image and pair it with some new text. Give it every chance to reach your audience.

Moreover, you can save yourself some more time by grabbing content you posted elsewhere, altering it slightly and sharing it on Twitter. Who said content had to be totally different on each platform? If you loved a post you created for Instagram, don’t be scared to share it on Twitter too, just make sure your images are the correct size for each platform

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So there you go! A handy guide on Twitter for business and how to adapt it to yours. The social media platform can be incredibly valuable for businesses of all sizes, as consumers these days love to interact with brands. Social media makes it easier than ever. Use Twitter to network, build relationships and strengthen your brand image. Keep everything super consistent to increase brand awareness, and never forget to be visual. 

If you’d like to explore the possibilities that X could bring to your business, contact us today.






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