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Organic Search Keyword Wins

If there’s one phrase that I absolutely hate saying but say far too often, it’s “SEO is a long game”. Although that’s technically true, by making little changes you will start to identify whether your organic search is increasing and if those changes are starting to pay off. I love nothing more than seeing an upwards graph signalling growth of organic search and organic keywords in the top 1 -3 position on Google. This takes time though so what simple things should you look out for when considering your SEO strategy?

1. Not Just Search Volume! 

Believe it or not just because a keyword has high search volume doesn’t mean you will rank for it. It doesn’t even mean that you will generate any clicks. You mean to tell me that if ‘social media’ has 12,000 searches a month that I might not even see any of the good stuff? 


In hindsight, organic keywords are highly sought after. Although people may be searching, they may not necessarily be clicking. That’s where you want to look at ‘clicks per search’ (CPS), this determines the ratio of clicks to search volume. 

Look at the history of the keyword, has the volume decreased because it’s no longer on trend? Is the keyword seasonal and can you rank ahead of the competition? For example if you have a blog about Christmas gifts, update that blog around the start of November and share across your marketing channels. You will have a higher chance of organic success if you’re early to the race. 


SEO Keyword Ranking History

2. Competitors 

Imitation is the biggest form of flattery. Okay, so I’m not encouraging you to copy your competitors but I am encouraging you to expose their weaknesses. Are there keywords that they’re not utilising or ranking for? Do they have a gap in their content strategy? Think about getting ahead of them when it comes to new trends or seasonal content. 

By analysing competitors, you’ll only ever make your own SEO strategy stronger. Plus, it’s always good to have some healthy competition!

3. SERPs

SERPs relate to where you’re ranking, this could be in images, people also ask and rich/featured snippets.

For me, ranking for a keyword in featured or rich snippets is gold. This is because automatically, a query is being answered down to the informative content on your site. This is where blogs are particularly useful, especially if using a search term as the title of a blog. Think about the queries that your audience want answering, back up with search volume and you’re onto a winner.

keyword wins - featured snippets


4. Related Keywords 

It may be really difficult to rank for a specific keyword. Don’t give up though, think outside the box, look at related keywords – which words have potential and which are your competitors not utilising? 

Remember that search results don’t always show the exact term, users often click on related search terms which result in clicks. It’s Google’s job to provide relevancy to searchers so they can find what they’re looking for.

Keyword Wins - Related Keywords
Ahrefs – Related Keywords

5.  Look at Existing Ranking Keywords 

If I was to ask you what keywords your business currently ranks for, would you know? It’s all well and good asking an SEO specialist what you should be ranking for or what you’d like to rank for, but it’s vital to know where your organic strengths already lie. 

Finding out which keywords that your site already ranks for, can help you understand what your audience engages with. What content do they want and where are you lacking relevant and informative content on your site? 

Just like any other aspect of marketing, SEO and organic search is important. It’s ongoing and it should be just as vital as any other part of your marketing strategy. Ideally, organic search should be your number one when it comes to site traffic but it’s difficult to achieve that. By putting in as much effort, you’ll see it work in conjunction with paid, social, referral and direct traffic to collect those wins. 

Contact us to find out how we can help elevate your organic offerings and make your SEO strategy strong enough to handle other marketing activities.

Lee Reavill Organic Marketing Plenty Digital

Lee Reavill is an SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist and Founder of Plenty Digital. He has over ten years of experience in all aspects of digital marketing working both in-house and agency side. He’s a partner of Victress Digital and a go-to for all things keyword related. 




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