Five Marketing Misconceptions: Debunked

marketing misconceptions & lies

The need for marketing, advertising and PR exists in most businesses and across all sectors. The person – or people – responsible for marketing help a business to connect with its audiences, promote the brand, products and services and communicate messages across a range of platforms both off and online. The purpose of marketing is to implement a strategy that raises awareness about your business and invites people to want to do business with you. There is an art and a science to marketing, and is best undertaken by someone who knows what they’re doing. As the adage goes: if you fail to prepare, then be prepared to fail.

Let’s delve into five of the most common misconceptions about marketing.  Have you fallen into believing any of these? If so, here’s your opportunity to start afresh and dispel the outdated thoughts that could be inadvertently harming your business …

1. Marketing is a Waste of Money

When you work with a professional to formulate a marketing strategy and set a budget, there shouldn’t be any money-wasting.  The waste happens when you’re overly reactive and don’t have a plan. Throughout the year, make sure you monitor the ongoing performance of different activities, this way you’ll see what’s working and you’ll be able to dedicate more of your budget to the marketing methods that deliver.  Remember to be patient with your marketing, results will take time. 

2. Marketing is Easy & Can Be Done By Anyone

Placing occasional adverts and posting updates on your social media is not marketing. Marketing takes an enormous amount of time and dedication and requires specialist knowledge. Thoughtful and considered marketing will produce results! Marketers are usually creative people, bubbling with ideas and knowledge who want to do a great job.  Hire someone who knows what they’re doing and can help to take your business in the right direction.

3. Marketing is Only to Acquire New Customers

Acquiring customers is only half of the battle, the other half is retaining them.  If your aim is solely to collect customers, they’ll leave as quickly as they came. It is so important to foster loyalty from your customers, entice them to repeatedly engage with your brand and continue spending money. It’s the marketing team’s responsibility to ensure that your existing customers won’t go elsewhere at the first sign of a better deal.

4. My Product or Service Will Sell Itself

Whatever line of business you’re in, it’s a fair assumption that you’ll have some competition.  Marketing is essential to let prospective customers know that your business exists.  What good is the best-quality product in the world if nobody knows about it?  There are so many smart ways to target a relevant audience these days, especially in the digital world.  Perhaps you’ve never done it before, you feel like you don’t know enough or don’t understand how it works. That’s where the experts come in.  Hire a specialist who will be able to get your goods or services in front of the right people.

Bloom & Wild Facebook Advert With Flowers in Multiple Vases
Bloom & Wild Facebook Campaign

5. You'll See Results Straight Away

Digital marketing methods can produce quick results and you could be up and running with a pay per click campaign quickly. Someone could click on your online ad but they will bounce straight out if your website is terrible, doesn’t function well or has bad copy. All the separate elements take time and patience to coordinate, and it may be a while before you see results. It takes a few months to see results from improving your website’s SEO or launching a content marketing campaign and there may be a lot of work to do in preparation. 

Marketing is big business and there are many paths to go down. Marketing plans will always be determined by your budget, so think seriously about what fits your brand best and whether it will bring the right rewards for your business. You won’t get it right the first time, a press release might be overlooked, a product launch might go unnoticed, but don’t lose heart.  Being able to roll with the punches, adapt and change your marketing strategy as you grow is what will help you to succeed in the end. 

If you need some help when it comes to building a strong, well-balanced marketing strategy, contact the Victress team.

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