6 Reasons Digital Marketing Training Will Benefit Your Team

Digital Marketing Training For Your Team

As we move further away from traditional forms of marketing, it is essential to keep your team up to date with the latest developments in digital marketing. As the way we work transforms, our ability to create, communicate and analyse digital content has never been more important. But how does digital marketing training benefit your team and your business?

Is there even a business case for offering digital marketing training opportunities to your employees? At Victress we absolutely believe this to be the case. We believe that not only is training important for your employees personal development, but that businesses do benefit from having a trained digital marketing team working for them.

So here are six reasons why investing in your team and digital marketing training will pay dividends for your business.

1. Support Your Employees Personal Development

Providing digital marketing training opportunities for your employees is one way of demonstrating to them that you support their personal growth and career development. Building a workplace culture where individual progression is not only celebrated, but encouraged, shows your employees their wants and needs are being acknowledged and supported.

Following a lull in personal growth during the pandemic, learning and professional development has become a main priority for workforces across all industries. So rather than individuals having to use their free time and personal finances on digital marketing training, a business which empowers its teams through development opportunities is likely to see higher levels of job satisfaction and employee loyalty. 

2. It’s More Time and Cost Efficient to Upskill With Digital Marketing Training

Remote working, career reevaluations and business closures have all created a highly volatile job market and it is beginning to affect businesses. According to PeopleManagement.co.uk, 53% of Chief HR officers see shortage of talent as the top issue impacting organisations today. Not only is there an overall shortage in talent, but candidates with Digital Marketing skills are in even higher demand.

The pandemic has forced more businesses to expedite their digital transformations. Brick and mortar stores are moving online, online services are becoming more prolific and online advertising is increasingly becoming the most used marketing method by businesses of all sizes. As a result those with digital skills are in demand, and consequently they have more influence with regards to salary and benefit expectations. So not only do those looking for a new role have more options, but they expect higher remuneration too. 

To bring a new skill into your business you can expect to foot the cost of recruitment, as well as the new employees salary and associated benefits. You should also factor in the returns lost from not having that skill within your business during however long it may take for you to advertise, interview and recruit. Therefore, it can be much more cost effective and time effective to train and up-skill your current staff members via digital marketing training than to replace them.

3. Bring More Skills In-House With Digital Marketing Training

Gartner’s report ‘The State of Marketing Budgets 2021’ found that in 2021, 29% of marketing work previously carried out by external agencies moved in-house. The main driving force of this shift was reported to be budget constraints and businesses needing to spend their marketing budgets more efficiently. 

Digital Marketing Training - Woman With a Laptop

Outsourcing your digital marketing work can be very expensive. By investing in training for your team, you can fill the knowledge and skills gaps you are paying a premium for. And once a team member is trained, that skill becomes something which you will benefit from without the need for third party intervention. Whilst training will be an upfront cost, in the long run you will be running your marketing activities more cost effectively.

4. Encourages Creativity and Innovation

Through training experiences, your employees’ minds are opened up to new insights, skills and knowledge, helping to kickstart fresh ideas and concepts.  

Working with a digital marketing expert allows your team to explore new marketing concepts, platforms and strategies, which they can then implement into your business’s marketing strategy. Your employees will also benefit from being able to discuss their thoughts and ideas with a Specialists, who can provide them with expert guidance on the spot.

5. Strengthen Team Relations 

With remote working being more predominant than ever, it can be difficult for businesses to facilitate team building. Training your employees in groups gives them something to relate to and talk about, even if they aren’t directly working with each other everyday. A shared experience will help to encourage cross department working, and open up new communication paths. So not only will they benefit from the socialisation of the actual training itself, but they will continue to have something in common far after the session has finished. 

Also by training your workforce in groups, you can further increase the cost efficiency of up-skilling your team!

6. Boost Your Business's Competitive Edge

If you work in an industry where digital marketing methods such as PPC and social media have minimal uptake, then now is the time to get ahead of the curve. 

At Victress Digital, we are increasingly seeing more businesses such as law firms and accountants utilising digital marketing training. By training your workforce in digital marketing skills, not only can you gain a competitive edge over your competitors by making the most of untapped digital marketing methods, but you can also do so proficiently. Whilst it is beneficial to be an early adopter of something, it is also essential to do so with the right skills and knowledge behind it. 



At Victress Digital we run 1:1 digital marketing training and group sessions both online and in person for any level. Our digital marketing training shows you and your team how to make more of your marketing, and each session is bespoke to your business’s goals and needs. 

So whether your team is completely new to digital marketing, you want your workforce to learn a platform in depth, or if you have a new hire you’d like to train, we‘re here to help

Want to know more about Victress and our digital marketing training and strategies? We’re also offering free 30-minute clinics with our brilliant specialists. Get that niggling question answered, chat through your options on the various platforms, or drop in to meet our Heads of Department to see what we can offer you. Book your social media or PPC slot today.

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