8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Microsoft Advertising

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So you’re achieving stable and consistent performance on Google Ads. You’ve expanded into the Google Display Network, you’ve mastered the art of Remarketing and you know your RSA’s from your RDA’s. Now it’s time to start scaling your Paid Advertising. So where do you start?

Why Microsoft Advertising?


Microsoft Advertising is the Microsoft Corporations version of Google Ads. Like Google, Microsoft runs its own search engine called ‘Bing’ – the second largest search engine in the world. Offering a Search Network almost identical to that available on Google, Microsoft Advertising is a great opportunity to scale your advertising reach by expanding into a new platform.

1. AI Powered Search

AI Chatbots have been dominating the news cycle, and Microsoft took centre stage in February 2023 by revealing its new AI-powered Bing search engine and internet browser. This increase in awareness and interest in Microsoft products will undoubtedly result in an increase in user base, and therefore a large audience to reach. You’re going to want to make sure you’re there when they start searching!

AI Powered Bing Search Engine - Microsoft Advertising
Above: The new AI-powered Bing search engine

2. Microsoft Audience Network

Those who have success running Display Campaigns through the Google Ads Display Network may be interested in trying out Microsoft’s Audience Network. The Display Campaigns allows advertisers to reach their target audience with text, image, video or products ads, as they explore the internet and Microsoft owner properties. It’s a fantastic opportunity to reach potential customers outside of Search results.

3. Increase in Bing Searches

In February 2023, 3.97% of all UK search engine searches were run through Bing and for searches through Desktop devices this increased to 11.37%. This demonstrates the leading reason why advertisers can’t afford to not be running Search campaigns through Microsoft Advertising – because not everyone is using Google!

4. LinkedIn Profile Targeting

Microsoft Advertising offers additional audience targeting features including LinkedIn profile targeting. This ability to ​​target users based on their LinkedIn profile, is not available on any other search network platform and a valuable feature for B2B advertisers.

Microsoft Advertising - LinkedIn Targeting Based on Company, Industry and Job Function
Above: The targeting options are based on Company, Industry and Job Function

5. Partner Websites

Microsoft Advertising partner websites include Fox Business and CBS Sport. This means that you can quickly and easily enable your ads to be eligible to show on these high quality websites.

6. Cheaper Cost Per Click

On average, CPC’s on
Bing are 33% lower than Google Ads. This is due to there being a lower keyword demand as the auction is less competitive for many industries. This results in keywords being cheaper and therefore more affordable for SMB’s. If your budget is not going very far on Google Ads anymore, then Microsoft Advertising may be able to offer you a more affordable solution.

7. Desktop Users

Bing users are more likely to be using a desktop computer
, offering a great opportunity for businesses with a longer sales cycle. This is also beneficial for websites which may require a more detailed conversion path, such as enquiry forms or quote requests, which can be tricky to complete on a mobile device.

8. Higher Household Income

35% of Bing users are in the top 25% for household income. Reaching a more affluent audience can be an advantage for certain industries such as Wealth Management, Real Estate and Luxury Goods.

An effective Paid Media strategy involves advertising on a range of different platforms and using a mix of different ad formats. With Microsoft Advertising, advertisers can benefit from their familiarity with Google Ads whilst tapping into a new market.

So there’s no time like the present to get your business on Bing and get your ads in front of a different group of searchers!

If you want to know more about how Victress can help your business with Microsoft Advertising, book your free 30 minute consultation now to speak to our team.

* This article was originally published in September 2021. Stats have been updated to reflect most recent figures available. 

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