Capturing The Right Audience For Ranorex

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Finding the right audience can be tricky in any type of marketing. You’d think paid advertising would be easy, but not if your campaigns aren’t targeted. Here’s how we helped Ranorex, a US Software Development company achieve results simply by attracting the right people.

The Client: Ranorex

Ranorex is a US based Software Development company, founded in 2007.

Ranorex logo - US Software Company
Above: Ranorex are an Idera, Inc Company

Specialising in test automation, Ranorex currently has over 14,000 users worldwide using their products to deliver high-quality desktop, mobile, and web applications.

The Challenge: Audience Targeting

Ranorexs PPC strategy had little strategic direction and their accounts weren’t receiving the time and attention necessary to drive growth.

The keyword lists and audience targeting methods used in their accounts did not align with their target audience. As a result, a large proportion of their budget was being wasted on driving irrelevant traffic to their website.

At the same time, their ads weren’t accurately representing the solutions they provide or who they are most suitable for. This was stopping people from ‘self-qualifying’ themselves and contributed to a large volume of unsuitable leads coming through their campaigns.

Ranorex Free Trial Sign Up Form - Capturing the right audience
Above: Ranorexs main goal was to drive trial sign ups and convert them into paying customers

Ranorex came to Victress as they wanted to drive more of the right audience through to their website, and in turn, increase their lead to sale rate.

The Approach: Aligning Audiences

Ranorex’s Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising accounts needed complete restructures to bring them in line with a new Paid Media strategy and PPC best practices.

The main focus of this strategy was on the quality and not quantity of their PPC reach, utilising persuasive, audience focused ad copy and enforcing targeting options which more closely matched Ranorex’s customer personas. Some of the main actions implemented to achieve this included:

  • New Keyword Lists were built, specific to the topic and target audience of each of their Search Campaigns. This helped to ensure that there was the right interest and intent behind the searches their ads appeared for.


  • New Ad Copy and Ad Extensions were added to all Search Campaigns. They were primarily focused on highlighting the features and advantages of Ranorex’s solutions, as well as what differentiated them from their competitors. They also included specific industry focused words and terminology, to ensure that their ads spoke directly to their target audience.
Ranorex Google Ads Appearance in Search Results to target the right audience
Above: An example of how Ranorex’s ads now appear in Google Ads search results
  • Extensive work evaluation of historical Search Term Reports were carried out, to help build new Negative Keyword Lists. These lists helped to reduce the amount of irrelevant Search results Ranorex appeared in.

  • Demographic, Custom Segments, ‘In-Market’ and ‘Affinity’ Audience targeting options were extensively utilised. This helped to align their targeting with their customer personas.

  • Moving from a manual to automated Bid Strategies ensured that campaigns were bidding efficiently and in accordance with the businesses Target CPA (Cost per Conversion).

  • A complete revision of Analytics goals made sure that the right website actions were being tracked as PPC Conversions.

  • The strategy also incorporated the use of Remarketing and Customer Match Lists through Display Campaigns, to further expand their reach to a relevant audience.
A sign up form for a free trial of Ranorex showing tools against a blue background
Above: Ranorex have had great success with Responsive Display Ads

Such Display Campaigns have helped to broaden their reach from simply those using search engines, to reaching potential customers as they browse the internet using rich media ads. Ranorex’s accounts are now focused on all stages of the sales funnel, including building brand awareness and consideration, instead of only focusing on those who are ready to convert at that very moment.

The Results:

Both accounts now have a more streamlined and effective approach to generate leads, with wasted spend being kept to a minimum.

As a result of the extensive Keyword work and testing of Ad and Ad Extension messaging, the Google Ads account has seen its Search Campaigns CTR increase by 285% YoY. Ranorex can now be confident that the traffic coming through to their website is relevant, and that they have the appropriate interests and intent to be eligible for their solutions.

Most importantly, the improvements of the PPC accounts have heavily contributed to Ranorex’s lead to sale rate increasing by 357% YoY. Now, not only are they receiving more leads, but the leads coming through are more likely than ever to become a paying customer.

“The Victress team is always available, working hard to bring lead gen success to our company. We are looking forward to continuing working with them throughout 2023 and beyond.”

Fancy being our next PPC success story? We provide a variety of services to streamline your marketing strategy, why not get in touch with the Victress team.

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