What is a Micro-Agency?

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If you’re on the lookout for a marketing agency, the choice can be overwhelming. As of 2022, the UK has over 7000 digital agencies, a 5.8% rise from 2021, so it’s no wonder that companies need to take the time to truly explore their options. 

Unfortunately, the temptation can sometimes be there to go straight towards a large well-known agency. Whilst larger agencies do have huge benefits to them, there are some key advantages to choosing a smaller business for your needs. In this blog we take a look at what a micro-agency really is and some of the perks of choosing a small business to look after your marketing.

What is a Micro-Agency?

A micro-agency is a small, independent business with between 1 and 25 employees. They handle several elements of online marketing, either through a collection of full-time specialists or a wider network of freelancers who join together to achieve results for clients.

A common misconception about micro-agencies is that they don’t have the expertise or bandwidth to handle large-scale projects. In fact, micro-agencies have built their business based on bespoke strategies which can be applied to any marketing goal.

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The Benefits of Working With a Micro-Agency?

If you’re looking for a marketing team to take the pressure off of your shoulders, you may be considering hiring in-house. This can prove a costly move in terms of overheads and recruitment costs, not to mention the potential negative impact of hiring someone who ends up being the wrong fit for your company. 

A great segway between a large-agency and an in-house marketing team is your own virtual micro-agency. This gives you a much more personable service rather than multiple layers of management, as well as allowing you to flex with contracts and projects as required. Here’s four more huge benefits of a micro-agency.

  • Clear Communication Channels

    With a micro-agency, you will have a much closer line of communication with those working on your brand. Often you’ll be assigned one point of contact vs multiple, and you’ll also be able to freely meet with the specialist to discuss any specific tactical questions you may have. 
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  • Personalised and Customisable

    It can be scary putting your brand into the hands of others, but micro-businesses are built on the success of their work rather than the success of their own marketing efforts. The level of detail required to make their smaller business succeed is intricate because each project or client means a lot to the agency. Often holding strong relationships with freelance partners, they also allow you to have access to other disciplines you may need on a one-off basis, paid for only based on the time used with that specialist.
  • Cost-effective Partnership

    Larger agencies come with a higher price tag, but this isn’t always as a result of a higher quality service, but rather the need to cover their internal overheads and extravagant offices. The lower overheads and hybrid working of micro-agencies means you only pay for the time on your account and nothing more. This makes micro-agencies very cost-effective for both bigger and smaller businesses who need the extra help.
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How to Choose Your Marketing Agency?

If you’re reading this article and are still on the path to finding your perfect agency, here are our recommendations for things to think about when making your decision. 

1. Specialists at what you need

Based on your current and future marketing goals, does the agency you’re speaking to specialise in the areas you need? Have you checked out their social media profiles to discover how much they know about the topics too? If you get to the point of a discovery call with them, be sure to understand who would be working on your account and what specialist skills they have.

2. Values that align with yours

How do they communicate with you during the sales process and how do they communicate online overall? What does their culture look like and do they seem like “your type of people?” An agency should be an extension of your own team, and as you spend a lot of time and communications with them, you need to know that you’re on the same wavelength.

3. Experienced with your type of project

Whilst a combined experience in an agency of over a hundred years sounds great, what you really need to know is that they’ve already experienced (and excelled at) a project like yours. It’s much better to know your chosen agency has worked with a goal like yours for two years, than to have twenty two years of unrelated experience.

4. The contract terms are fair

As well as understanding if their fees align with your budget, it’s important to know that the terms of service are suitable for all parties too. Don’t get tied into a year’s contract with an agency you’ve never worked with before as this can leave you feeling trapped and unconfident.

If you’re looking for a micro-agency to bridge the gap between freelancer and large team, we might be the right agency for you. Book in a discovery call with us to meet the team, and don’t forget to make sure you ask us all about the four recommendations above! We’re always ready to answer!

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