What Is Black Fiveday and How Can Your Business Get Involved?

Black Fiveday

You’ve been hearing all about it on LinkedIn, you’ve started to receive countdown emails and your social feeds are full of sale banners. But what is Black Fiveday all about, and how can your business get involved?

Wait, What is ‘Black Fiveday’?

Whilst Black Friday and Cyber Monday are most commonly known as modern sales events, the term ‘Black Fiveday’ is used in relation to the entire 5 day sales period. Whilst once a single day of in store sales the day after Thanksgiving, with the ever expanding eCommerce market the period has grown to cover a 5 day sale period. This period encompasses both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and is associated with the US national holiday of Thanksgiving.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday - Black Fiveday


This year Black Fiveday falls on Thursday 25th November to Monday 29th November. And despite it originating from the US, it is now commonplace in countries all across the world.

Referring to the period as Black Fiveday rolls all of the 5 sale dates into one, and ensures that all of the days are taken into account when planning your marketing strategy. We also think it sounds kinda cool.

So what can you do to get your business involved?

Sell. Sell. Sell!

The overall expectation of online retailers during Black Fiveday is heavily discounted products and clearances pushes. With it being the runup to Christmas, shoppers are looking to save as much money as possible on gifts. Similarly, many individuals will hold off on purchases in the lead up to Black Fiveday in anticipation of upcoming sales. So with such an eager market ready to spend, how can you reach them with your own offers?

Organic Advertising -

If you do not want to spend money on advertising your Black Fiveday offers then you have a range of different options to get the message out:

  • Social posts: Use your social media in the runup to Black Fiveday to let your followers know that you have offers on the way. Tease them with deals or promotions that you have in the pipeline, and be sure to inform them of when they kick off.  Keep up with your posting over the 5 day period, with fresh and engaging posts everyday. Consider including a countdown until your offers end to create a sense of urgency and drive action from your followers. 
  • Email: Utilise your email marketing list and drop an email promoting the launch of your offers. Consider segmenting your email list based on their previous purchase categories, and include relevant deals and products to encourage another purchase. For example a clothing store could segment purchases of winter boots and send an email promoting deals on winter coats.

  • Website: Planning to offer a range of products at a reduced price? Then consider creating a Black Fiveday specific landing page, containing all of the products you have on offer. This page can be used across all of your marketing channels, and will make it quick and easy for potential customers to explore your deals. Also consider adding a banner to your homepage during the Black Fiveday period, directing people straight to your offers. You want to make it as quick and as easy as possible for potential customers to view your deals.


Pretty Little Thing are encouraging site visitors to sign up to their newsletter to be the first to hear about their ‘Pink Friday’ deals.

Pretty Little Thing - Pink Friday


Paid Advertising -

If you do have a budget to play around with during Black Fiveday then you may want to consider the following:

  • Search campaigns: 55% of Black Friday Google searches are around specific brands and products (Think with Google, 2020). So if your business sells specific brands, products or models, then consider running a Search Campaign on Google Ads. Search Campaigns benefit from a high level of intent to convert, which along with the increase in demand during the Black Fiveday period present a valuable opportunity for businesses to advertise on Google Ads. You should also consider advertising on Microsoft Advertising, which also facilitates Search campaigns. If you’re new to Search Ads then take a read of our blog on ‘6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Microsoft Advertising’.

Clinique - Black Friday

  • Display campaigns: If you are already utilizing Search Campaigns then could use your remarketing lists to create a targeted Display campaign. Through use of your audience lists you can create a campaign targeted to previous site visitors who did not convert, enticing them with your deals to drive them back to site to convert. A small saving could be all it takes to convince that individual to make a purchase of an item they previously viewed. 

  • Social media ads: Social media platforms offer fantastic targeting options which you can utilise to reach your target audience with your Black Fiveday deals. For example, Facebook Ads allows you to create a ‘Lookalike Audience’ based on an email list of your current customers. This means that Facebook will find profiles whose interests and demographics are closely matched with your current customers, enabling you to reach a relevant audience who are more likely to be interested in your products. 

But I Don’t Sell Products?

That’s not a problem! There’s plenty of ways that your business can still get involved.

Nowadays people expect special offers from service based businesses too. Providing service based deals and offers will enable you to participate in one of the busiest online periods of the year.

  • Extended trial periods – provide an extended trial period for anyone who signs up during the Black Fiveday period

  • Training webinar with software purchase – can you put on a training webinar/course for anyone who purchases your software during Black Fiveday?

  • Money off membership/subscription – a reduced membership or subscription is a very appealing offer and can encourage timely sign ups 

  • No sign up fee – can your sign up fees be waived for a limited period of time?

  • Free consultation with an expert – can you offer a complimentary consultation for anyone who converts during Black Fiveday? For example, if someone signs up for your online exercise classes, could you offer a 30 minute Zoom call to discuss their diet and nutrition?

Plan For Black Fiveday

Well there’s no time like the present to get started with your Black Friday preparations. Whether you’re going to test the waters with organic social media posts, or go full force with a paid PPC Display campaign, the more you prepare the better the potential outcome. 

And remember, take what you learn from this year’s Black Fiveday activities into the New Year. It won’t be long until Black Fiveday 2022 is round the corner, and with the ‘holiday’ participation growing every year, there’s no telling how big next year’s will be. If you would like help with your online marketing then please do not hesitate to get in touch!


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