6 Best Practices For Running Responsive Display Ads

Responsive Display Ads - Woman Sitting at Desk Looking at Display Ads

When it comes to Responsive Display Ads (RDAs), advertisers have to hand over a great level of their control over to Google Ads and Machine Learning. This can be very daunting, and unfortunately, the machine doesn’t always get it right. However, as advertisers there are things that we can do to help ‘feed’ the machine […]

An Introduction to Quora Ads

Quora Advertising

You may have seen Quora appearing in your search results or you may even be using it already but did you know you can use it to advertise your business?

5 Frightening PPC Fails

ppc fails

With the spooky season upon us, we wanted to share 5 frightening PPC fails to keep you up all night!